The Moody Group, LLC

To Support the Mission of Global Peace Partners through Technology, Science and Industry


Dan Moody,
CEO and President:
The Moody Group, LLC &
Global Peace Partners. Inc. a 501c3 Non Profit NGO
President:WADO (Western Africa Development Organization, Conakry Guinea



The Purpose of The Moody Group LLC  is to create business ventures that will aid and support the mission of Global Peace Partners.

 Currently we are looking for:

Investment money to purchase a working ranch as a base for Vets with PTSD, Charter School for At Risk Youth, expand Hydro Electricity, Develop Solar Hydroponic Greenhouses, restore existing Tilapia Fish Races, and use the Agriculture, Energy, Building Development as training and therapy for both groups, which in turn will help launch our Global Medical Diplomacy Projects.


Dan Moody


A passion for peace has been Dan's focus for decades.  He has a genuine interest in people, has used that interest to work for reconciliation across countless religious, racial, and financial boundaries, and has done so in many practical ways.  Dan has the ability to work with almost any situation and group of people, whether those people are prison inmates, members of street gangs, churches or synagogues or mosques---or elected public servants in Congress and the White House. 

Though Dan has served as an ordained minister who was exceptionally well-respected by his congregation, he is most comfortable with real-life interactions and works with people across all denominational barriers.  In founding a large prison ministry, in working with government representatives to bring aid to Africa, in effectively working with gang members, and traveling to the front lines of a war zone, Dan has continued to effectively relate and interact with all he meets.

Dan serves as member of the:
Global Native Econonic Development Project (GNEDP)
Launched by H.E. Sir. Dr. Raphael Louis
Canditate for Prime Minister of Canada 2020

Dan serves on the Advisory Board of: 
The UN Association of Trauma Outreach & Prevention and
The Interdisciplinary Research Projects & World Conference  IASE Deemed
University Rajasthan India.

The Multipurpose Interparlimentary Union
For the purpose of protecting human rights world wide.

Ambassador for Peace

His speaking engagements have included
The American Institute for Aeronautics  & Aeronautics Product Support Committee,
as well as invitations to hold workshops in Palestine, Saudi Arabia and Holland.

 Dan Moody is CEO of Global Peace Partners, Inc.  
                                   and The Moody Group, LLC                           


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